The Reason Slot Machines Are The Most Popular Casino Game

The Reason Slot Machines Are The Most Popular Casino Game

The slot machine could not be any simpler of a game: A competition between one player and the spinning reels – How did slots become the hottest spot in the casino? According to todays statistics, the average casino has to thank its slot machines for about seventy percent of its total income. A rather disproportional piece of the pie considering the countless different casino games offered both in the brick and mortar casino and in many online gaming sites. So, for the only game that requires a coin bucket in an offline casino or that pins the players luck on the mathematical odds of a slots machine, what is it that made this game so popular for so many years?

Why Slot Games Are So Popular?

Like many other simple inventions of our time, the slots machine too came from an even simpler thought. At the end of the nineteenth century a basic machine with colored drums and a side lever was integrated into the interior of various California and west coast taverns to add some fun to the establishments entertainment offerings. Bar patrons were invited to place either a nickel or a dime in the machine and try their luck at attaining a winning poker hand from the drums different symbols.

Why Slot Games Are So Popular

Initially the rewards were not handed out in prize money, but rather in the form of free drinks, cigars, or even plain chewing gum. This simple and straightforward approach to gambling quickly gained great popularity and spread across many bars in the country where it would later be nicknamed the “one-armed bandit” due to its single lever resembling an arm. So great was the popularity of the early slots machines that at one point its manufacturer could not produce enough machines to meet the high demand!

Riding this massive wave of popularity in the bars, the slots machine made a rapid and smooth transition to the casinos, where eventually rows of slots machines would welcome every guest who walked in and were impossible to miss. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of online gaming, slots retained their status as an irreplaceable part of any version of the casino and starred in many online gaming sites, where some sites, such as, focus mainly on providing a large selection of slot games which form the heart of their gaming software.

The tremendous popularity of offline and online slots is undoubtedly a result of its fundamental simplicity and easy manner in which it produces immediate results for the player. Unlike a blackjack game or a poker competition where a player sits down at a table amongst other competitors or just the house dealer, slots allows the player to take some time off from the mayhem of the casino and enter a personal quiet “spell” to the background sounds of coins dropping and reels turning. The results from each game are immediate as the reels display the symbols only moments after the lever is pulled. On top of that the required sum to enter a game is usually small and un-intimidating, hence allowing the player to continue playing even after a row of less successful rounds.

The slot machine has stood the test of time and done so gracefully. Its popularity has not rested and its secure standing as the casinos most treasured centerpiece has driven slot developer to creating bigger and better games with more intricate features. Though no longer offering mere bubble gum but big money prizes, the slot machine still holds onto its old western charm and nostalgic appeal.