Get To Know About Omaha High

Get To Know About Omaha High

New players of poker are often surprised by the variety of poker games being played at the tables. One version that you should certainly take time to learn is Omaha High. Unlike other poker versions, Omaha High has a community style of playing. This basically means that certain cards are visible to and shared by all the players. These cards are then combined with a player’s individual cards to form a winning combination.

Betting Limits for Omaha High

Limit Omaha High places betting restrictions on every game and round while No Limit Omaha High allows players to bet whatever amount they want anytime. Pot Limit High, on the other hand, allows players to bet equivalent to pot amount.

Betting Limits for Omaha High

Game Procedure for Omaha High

Omaha High is played similar to how other poker games are played. The only difference is that four cards are dealt prior to the first betting round and the flop. Players can only win a pot if all four cards initially dealt are shown. If you only show two and dispense with the other half, you forfeit your right to the pot and get a dead hand as well.

Final Showdown in Omaha High

Your final hand will be made up of three cards from the board and two from the cards dealt to you. It must always be this combination and nothing else. Even if the board cards make up a straight, you’ll still have to replace two of it from your own cards.

Playing Omaha High Low

Omaha High is commonly played with a high / low split. You’ll need two different cards to make a high or low and 3 different cards as well to make a high or low from the board. The rule for eight-or-better for low applies to this version except, of course, when the table or room you’re playing in has a non-standard rule about it.

How to Read a Low Hand in Omaha High

The best possible low hand in Omaha High is 54321. The worst you can get, on the other hand – and no pun intended – would be 87654. In judging low hands, simply remember that the lower number wins. Between 65432 and 76543, the former wins.

It’s What the Cards Say that Matters in Omaha High

The rule for Cards Speak definitely applies in Omaha High. Even though a player makes an error in declaring the cards he’s holding, the dealer should still proceed on the basis of what the cards reveal.

Dealer Buttons for Single Table Omaha High Tournaments

For tournaments of this ilk, players are dealt one card each. The one with the highest card gets the dealer button first. If there are two or more players with cards of the same value, ranking is made according to suit. Spades go first, followed by hearts then diamonds and finally clubs.

Blind Abuse in Omaha High

To prevent blind abuse, players are asked to post small and big blinds upon re-entering the table. Players however have the right as well to wait for the button to get to their position before entering the game.